Planning A Spring Wedding 2021

“Pastel can give off a playful yet calm vibe to your wedding…”

As the snow melts away and the days get a little warmer, Spring can be the perfect time to host a wedding. The price is likely to be lower than usual since the wedding season is between May and October though costs may differ as time gets closer to the summer months. Spring is often seen as the season of new beginnings, where flowers bloom and life returns to warmth after the cold bleak of winter, so what better time to hold a wedding?

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The colours of spring vary but we’d recommend some soft colours for your spring wedding, like pastel colours. Pastel can give off a playful yet calm vibe to your wedding, and with loads of seasonal flowers coming in, you’ll be spoiled for choice on your colour palette! Some delicate pale roses, fresh daffodils and hyacinths could be a great choice to add to your bouquet and floral arrangements. Even tulips will be in season!

Also, whether you’re choosing to have an indoor or outdoor wedding (the days will be getting warmer of course) a flower arch may be the perfect decoration to stand under and say your vows. Take advantage of the seasonal blooms and discuss with your chosen florist what kind of arrangements can be made to suit your theme — you might find something perfect you hadn’t thought of!

You can include the floral theme in other aspects of your wedding as well. Consider adding floral print to your stationery, and perhaps watercolour calligraphy to your signage for that fresh springtime vibe. There are many suppliers who vary their design creations — from stamping ink to printing graphic designs, there’s definitely someone out there to suit your tastes! If you want to add a bit of sparkle but want to stay sustainable and not add glitter, how about a little gold ink or gold leaf? It can really add a nice modern flair to your style if that’s what you’re going for, but we understand everyone is different. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect for you and that’s the most important thing!

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As for attire, if you’d like to continue with the pastel theme then how about dressing your bridal party in different colours? It can give them a way to express their personalities within your chosen theme, as well as look stunning in a soft rainbow as you stand alongside each other. Consider getting your bridal party together before dress shopping and planning out your individual colours — you may not even want to wear white and that’s okay! It’s your wedding, your way and you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable. After all, you’re likely to wear it all day. We’d recommend going for lighter material as the days get warmer, especially if you’ll be outdoors in the sun. Keep checking the weather as the event gets closer, and remember that you can always get a bolero or jacket to keep you cosy if there’s a chilly breeze. As for suits, there’s a wide selection of colours available for different types of fabric but in Spring you’re likely to want something light as well. How about a stylish waistcoat and bowtie instead of the traditional tux style? You can always have the bowtie colour match the bride or her bouquet and have a more muted tone for the waistcoat (like tweed) to really emphasise the splash of colour.

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Whether you’re having your wedding breakfast and reception indoors or in a marquee, there’s still plenty of decor ideas to think about. For instance, if you’re having bright seasonal floral displays as your centrepieces, have you considered the colour of your table linens? We’d recommend a muted tone like a blue-ish grey, as this will really help the natural colour of your flowers bloom. On top of that, you could get really creative with the place names for your guests — engraved wood logs, beautiful calligraphy, or if you’re having your wedding around Easter, you could even have the place names be painted eggs! You can either hire a calligrapher/stationery vendor to write the names on painted eggs (painted to match your colour theme of course) or you could make a party of it and gather your family and friends to paint eggs just like when you were kids. It’s easy to get the materials, and easy to make as well so that can be one less thing to worry about for the big day.

Finally, make sure you’re prepared for the weather! Have some emergency wellies and umbrellas on standby, especially if your wedding is outdoors. April showers bring May flowers after all, and Spring is bound to have the odd rain shower now and again. Keeping prepared will leave you with fewer worries on your big day and lower your stress levels. Plus, if you’re worried about wellies not going with your outfit, paint them! Acrylic paint can do the job but if you’d want something high quality, check if there are any artists in your region that paint on shoes and accessories — you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you have any more tips for a Spring wedding, let us know in the comments or via our social media!

See you next week.

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