National Freedom to Marry Day!

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How much do you know about National Freedom to Marry Day? This celebration, held on February 12th every year, has such a rich history. This is a day that celebrates the freedom that any couple enjoys to commit and get married.

People in the US also have a special connection to this date because it is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. What a beautiful way to link love and equality! As a brand that understands how important weddings are, we love National Freedom to Marry Day here at Uplanit.

Here’s some information about this special day and how you can commemorate it.


National Freedom to Marry Day was founded in 1999. Lambda Legal, an advocacy law firm for gay rights, started this holiday. The celebration has come a long way since then. One of the most notable National Freedom to Marry Day was in 2004.

On February 10th that year, the mayor of California gave a directive to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Mayor Gavin Newsom also asked that the forms and documents used to apply, be changed to use non-discriminatory language.

This directive signalled a win to a long-fought battle. Many LGBTQ could now take the next step in their relationships. They could dream, commit, and legally get married. Even though there were more wars on acceptance to be fought, there was a countrywide celebration.

Significance of National Freedom to Marry Day

It was only a few years ago that the Supreme Court in the US ruled in favour of same-sex marriages in all states. Many couples had to fight to get to that ruling in 2015. National Freedom to Marry Day is a beautiful way to recognize that journey.

When a couple cannot have their love and union legalized, there is a lot involved. Marriage is a faithful, loving, and wonderful union, and there are benefits when it is legalized. For so long, LGBTQ couples were discriminated against in this way.

The day is also an opportunity to understand that there is still a lot to do. Total acceptance has still not been achieved, but this is a great place to be fighting from. Each victory, such as the Supreme court ruling in the US, helps remove barriers, acknowledge feelings and accept diversity.

Photo by Wallace Araujo from Pexels

How to Celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day

The date for National Freedom to Marry Day is so unique and wonderful. It is two days before valentine’s and, as we mentioned earlier, is also when Abraham Lincoln was born. Overall, it’s an excellent time for people to celebrate love and equality.

For many LGBTQ couples, this is the perfect day to get married. That way, they can commemorate their love in love season. If you ask us, there is no better time to do this. February 12th is a great day to mark the importance of ending discrimination again lesbian and gay couples.

For many others, National Freedom to Marry day is celebrated by “Tying the knot.” Don’t worry; this is not a glitch or a mistake, haha. We actually mean tying the knot literally. People tie a knot around trees, signs, lampposts, and other places where they can easily be seen.

What Is Tying the Knot?

On National Freedom to Marry Day, many clergies, prominent individuals, and organizations find ways to celebrate. Events are set up that make a statement on their support for equality regarding marriage rights. Allies are unveiled, and support for activities is solicited.

Tying the Knot is one of the ways that people also celebrate. Allies worldwide show their support by tying knots around car antennae, doorknobs, lamp posts, trees, and even buildings. It is beautiful and can be quite colourful too.

Individuals can tie the knot at their workplaces, homes, and business. Personally, a knot around your ring finger or arm makes a remarkable statement. People have also been known to wear a knot on their lapel. It’s a lovely way to celebrate this wonderful day.

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Why You Should Celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day by Tying the Knot

Tying the knot on February 12th is a beautiful way to start a conversation. The chances are that someone will want to know what your ribbon represents. You can then explain how it supports the Freedom to Marry, love, and equality for LGBTQ couples.

This is what the knot represents. It shows that these people’s love ties are significant and should be recognized too. Ignoring them most times leads to the severing of other important ties like family ties. Lesbian and gay couples deserve the same fundamental family rights that everyone else enjoys.

National Freedom to Marry Day is a celebration rich in meaning and history. You can play your part on this day by joining in events and showing your support. Will you be tying the knot on February 12th to celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day?

See you next week!

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