National Dress Day — Tips For Picking Out Your Wedding Dress

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National Dress Day is almost here! Celebrated on the 6th of March, this lovely tradition was started by Ashley Lauren in 2011 and has stuck. Why wouldn’t it? Who doesn’t love how amazing dresses are? Dresses enhance style and are often at the bottom of many fun and cherished moments.

Here at Uplanit, we’ll be celebrating National Dress Day by talking about one dress that is of utmost importance to our business- the wedding dress. We’ve seen many wonderful brides in gorgeous wedding dresses in our time and we must admit is is one of, if not the most, favourite of wedding traditions.

So, for National Dress Day, we’ll be sharing some important tips to help our brides-to-be choose one too. Choosing your wedding dress is an event of a lifetime, and you’ll need to choose right. Below we’ll share nine tips for picking out your wedding dress.

Before we go to the tips, here’s a lovely bit of history to celebrate National Dress Day and weddings. Did you know that Queen Victoria is credited with starting the tradition of wearing the white wedding dress? This happened in 1840, and soon enough, fashionable brides chose to do the same. How cool is that?

9 Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Dress

Credit: Photo by Hiren Lad from Pexels

The first two tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress are starting your shopping early and creating a budget. Your budget, in particular, is the foundation to work with for your shopping. Don’t forget to include your accessories like the veil and wedding shoes. Below are other important tips to keep in mind.

Do A Great Big Search

Do an initial big search, check bridal magazines, scroll through Pinterest and check bridal shows. The key is to save images of the dresses that are your favourites. So, take screenshots, click save and take pictures where necessary. Don’t forget to note down brand names and designers if possible.

Choose Your Favourites

This is when to check if you have a particular pattern that gets you going. Check for similarities in style too. Next, narrow it down to the features to make your choice easier. This is the information you’ll approach your bridal shop with.

Set Up an Appointment

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For this, you’ll need to go with your loved ones. Check with multiple stores as appointments are always better as the shop expects you and prepares excellent options. If possible, go on weekdays as they are less busy, meaning they’ll give you more time.

Go with The Right Underwear

Sometimes, it can be tough to get a good idea of how a gown looks if you have straps on the way. So, go with a strapless bra, Spanx and nude underwear. Take the extra step and take the heels you’ll wear at your wedding or something similar, this will give you the perfect picture of how you’ll look in it.

Keep an Open Mind

While you might have favourites, don’t try only wedding dresses that look like your favourites. You never know what keeping an open mind might find. Many brides have found the perfect gown by trying on something they least expected to be it.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Credit: Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Your bridal purse, necklace, veil and your wedding day perfume should be part of your shopping. Sometimes, your veil could even be the missing piece that makes a dress option perfect. So, if you can’t quite make up your mind about a dress, ask to see how it looks with a veil.

Shop for Your Current Body

Choose a wedding dress that looks good on you just the way you are. Don’t choose a dress because you plan to lose a few pounds before your wedding day. Remember, it’s easier to alter a dress to fit than to expand it.

Don’t Give Up

There are many designers, fabrics and bridal stores out there for a reason. One is bound to have a dress that fits perfectly with your dream. So, don’t give up if you don’t find the perfect dress at the first store. With the above tips, you’ll find it sooner rather than later. Keep looking and don’t feel discouraged during the process, this should be a joyful experience for you.

Tie Things Up

Credit: Photo by Fidel Hajj from Pexels

When you do eventually find the perfect dress, don’t forget to confirm things like your estimated arrival date. Get this in writing if possible. You’ll also need to know your fitting and pick-up information. Make sure your accessories are included too.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the keys to having a happy wedding. With the above tips, your search should be shorter and easier. Do you know of any more tips that brides-to-be could use when finding their wedding dress? Then feel free to share them in the comments below.

Till then, see you next week.

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