International Mens Day | 5 Smart Suit And Lapel Ideas

“Look good at your next event will boost your confidence and make a great impression.”


International Mens Day is on the 19th of November. Are you excited? We are here at Uplanit, so we’ll be joining our grooms-to-be to celebrate in a unique way. We’ll be helping you choose the best suits for your wedding and other events.

There’s a reason why there are many styles and designs for suits. You’ll look great in some and won’t in others. Looking good for whatever function you show up to does wonders for you as a person. You can’t just throw on anything and show up for your important events.

For the upcoming International Mens Day, we’ve decided to share some lovely smart suits and lapel ideas with you. Feel free to check these out when choosing a suit for your wedding or next event. Here are five smart suit ideas to keep you looking your best.

The Smart Slim Fit Suit


The jacket is fashionably shorter and contoured to fit the body. The pants are also slim fit with narrower legs and a cropped leg opening. The lapel is slimmer to match the fit. It, however, still has room for comfort.

We love the smart slim fit suit because it does away with excess fabric and fits stylishly. This is not the kind of suit that will restrict your blood flow. That’s a bad suit, and we’d never recommend that.

This smart suit option is slimmer at the waist and chest while still being comfortable. The result is a contour highlighting a sleek suit that any man can pull off smartly.

The Smart Classic Fit Suit


Classic jacket that is comfortable and suits fuller builds. The lapel has a standard collar design, while the shoulder is comfortable and soft. The pants are also classic and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a classic go-to suit that is guaranteed to impress, this is the one for you. designed to give you the best comfort while looking sleek and smart. There’s a reason why this is a classic fit.

This suit is perfect for low key events. You can also pair the jacket with Chinos for a smart but casual look at a weekend event. You’ll be comfortable and feel great while wearing this smart suit option.

The Smart Modern Fit Suit


This suit has a jacket that is slim fit and contoured with a shorter length. The shoulders come in a modern, squared style while the lapel is slim, also giving it a modern look. The pants have a flat front completing the comfortable but slim fit look.

The smart modern fit suit is for men who love the slim fit suit but are unsure they can pull it off. It is smack dab between the smart slim fit and a smart classic fit.

The result is a suit that looks tailored but has lots of breathable space to keep you comfortable. This suit also works beautifully for any occasion, and with the right accessories, you can’t go wrong. So, feel free to rock this to any of your outings, both casual and dressy. Just be ready for the compliments!

The Smart Notch Lapel


A classic V style lapel and possibly single-breasted jackets.

Back in the 80s, when the classic “V” style was trendy, this lapel culture got on suits and never looked back. As a result, it is the most popular type of lapel on smart suits today. You can tell this lapel apart, by the way, there is a visible indent where your suit collar meets the lapel.

If you have a single-breasted suit, this is the lapel you’ll find on it because it rocks. If you’re trying to decide what lapel to work with for your smart suit, this is a safe choice. It works beautifully for both casual and non-casual events depending on the suit it comes with, of course.

The Smart Shawl Lapel


An iconic smoking jacket that is sure to turn heads. Generally rounded with no hard edges and continuous curves that look fashionable.

You’ll find this smart suit lapel option perfect for a man who wants to dominate at a black-tie affair. Its smooth and uninterrupted lining will provide an elegant look with class.

That’s why you’ll find it exclusively on formal smart suits. It is a fantastic addition to your standard style and will have you looking distinct and classy.

Looking good at your next event will boost your confidence and make a great impression. With the above brilliant suit ideas, you’ll be sure to impress. Do you know of other good smart suit ideas? Feel free to share them with us below but till then, see you next week!

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