Caring For Your Mental Health: Wedding Planning

“You see, many times, couples forget to pay attention to their mental health while planning their wedding.”

Planning a wedding can be exciting, but it is also not a mean feat. There are a lot of decisions to be made and vendors to meet. It is for this reason that Uplanit is committed to continually make things easier for couples.

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You see, many times, couples forget to pay attention to their mental health while planning their wedding. They get caught up and stressed by the many planning activities but keep pushing. They think that they can handle whatever comes.

By the time their wedding day finally rolls around, they’ve had enough, and you can tell. Even worse is that they could end up estranged from their partner as a result! You deserve better than that. So here are ten proven ways to look after your mental health while planning your wedding.

Manage Your Expectations

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Have a realistic expectation of your wedding. We know you’ve dreamed about it from childhood, and that’s fine. We’re just saying that you should leave that one per cent chance for errors.

Look at how 2020 went, for instance, people did their best, but as a result of the global pandemic, things did not go as planned. So, prepare yourself mentally for when things don’t go according to plan. Working with Uplanit to choose the best vendors will also increase your chances of having the wedding of your dreams.

Be Content

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When push comes to shove, the love between you and your partner is what matters most. Make sure you have that in focus throughout your planning. You’ll find it easier to make decisions as a team this way. Your wedding is about ending the day married to the love of your life after all. What could be better?

You Can’t Please Everyone

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You may try, but at what expense? Plus, trying to please everyone barely ever ends perfectly for the couple involved. People have tastes as varied as their life experiences; how could you ever hope to beat that.

Approach your planning with a different mindset. This is your wedding, and they are coming to celebrate you. The right formula to use should showcase your love story. Your guests will be delighted to get a chance to experience that.

Premarital Counselling

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This is one investment in your mental health that you’ll always be thankful for. Planning for your wedding day is great, but you can also prepare for your marriage after. A premarital counsellor is experienced and will offer great advice that you can apply. Premarital counselling will also help you navigate any difficulties your relationship may be experiencing as you plan your wedding.


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Stand your ground on the essentials that make your wedding yours. This might mean having to be a little bit assertive while planning. That’s okay; it’s better than conforming at the expense of your mental health.


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Please try not to be that couple that is so occupied with planning that they forget themselves. Your relationship also needs building while you plan. Take breaks that you can spend together and enjoy each other’s company privately.

For your time out, you can go out to dinner or plan a simple night at home. You’ll find that you’ll feel refreshed and better after.

Schedule Your Activities

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Spreading out wedding planning activities is better for you in the long run. You’ll be under less pressure to get things done, and your mental health will fare better. Try not to leave any details until the last minute to avoid a rush too.

Stay Healthy

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Try to eat right, exercise and practice mindfulness while planning your wedding. This will take care of your physical and mental health. Do not take on more than you can handle at a time. If necessary, delegate to your loved ones. They’ll be excited to help where they can.

Looking after your mental health while planning your wedding is possible if you plan ahead. Do you know of any other tips that could help? We’d like to hear them, so let us know and see you next week!

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