2020 Wedding Trend Predictions!

“From colour to alcohol, we’ve got plenty of predictions for you to enjoy.”

We’re into a new decade, and ready to open the door on another ten years of amazing weddings! We’d been chatting around the office for a while now about what new wedding trends will be like next year, and while we can’t guess what the future will bring. we’ve come up with a few good predictions! From colour to alcohol, we’ve got plenty of predictions for you to enjoy.

Gender-mixed wedding parties

Weddings are becoming less of a religious ceremony as time goes on, with only 25% of marriages being religious ceremonies, and as such, people can pick and choose which traditions they’d like to keep. With a rise in awareness of different genders and inclusivity, we think there’s a pretty good chance of there being more bridesmen and groomswomen about! That means you can also have your best friends be in your wedding party without worry, and your siblings don’t have to worry about being forced to your partner’s side without a choice.

Colour Boost

We’ve seen this before when visited a few wedding shows; admittedly more at the Not So Average wedding show (it is called alternative style after all) but the trend is still growing, and it’s the same reason as the mixed-gender wedding parties. With a rise in humanist weddings (non-religious ceremonies) another one of the traditions that’s on the decline is the white wedding dress. Not only that, with so many more options for smart suits for men, there’s a pop of colour in there as well! We’re excited to see what kind of colour themes couples will be coming up within the coming years, and seeing their imaginations run wild with ideas!

Pockets in Dresses

You read that right — pockets in dresses! We think it’s long overdue that dresses need pockets, no matter who’s wearing them. No one wants to be carrying a bag everywhere, and it isn’t fair that a suit can have so many pockets while the bride has to hide her vows in her bra. Pockets can’t just hold vows either; you could hide a stress toy in there to help with nerves or carry around some small blowing bubbles for a little extra fun. If there isn’t a rise in brides asking to have their dresses have pockets stitched into their dresses, we’ll be surprised — mostly because it’s on our wedding checklists as well!

Barrettes and Combs

We’ve seen a lot more hair accessories compared to veils recently, and even tiaras look to be on the rise again. It seems like wedding veils are going out of fashion as time moves on, while barrettes and other accessories are coming back in. With hair stylists able to weave flowers and pearls in flowing hair or big loose braids, these beautiful decorations need to be shown off rather than hidden by a veil! We think that there are going to be more sparkly beautiful hair choices, and brides flaunting their beauty as they walk down the aisle!

Personalised Stationery

Stationery suppliers can give a great personalised feel to your big day. We think a lot more weddings in 2020 are going to enjoy searching for inspiration for their wedding invitations and discussing new ideas with card-makers. Calligraphy and lettering is a popular way of adding that unique feeling to your different stationery — place names, wedding invitations, save the dates and more. At the same time, it’s widely recyclable! Just make sure you know to consult with your supplier on using recyclable materials, and avoid using single-use plastic.

Sustainable Weddings

As climate change becomes more prevalent in the world, so do the efforts to reduce the change. Avoiding single-use plastic, reducing the carbon footprint of your guests by shortening the travel time, using electronic invites instead of posting, and asking for local ingredients from farms or readily available sources. We predict a lot more weddings will be choosing these options or coming up with their own ideas after consulting their amazing suppliers!

Videography and Drones

Videography and recording a wedding has always been an available option for weddings alongside photography, but with more affordable options for drones, there leaves open the opportunity of having a unique view of your wedding, aerial or otherwise. One of the things we’re hoping to see is more options for drones from videographers, and as a result, more beautiful weddings being celebrated using fantastic new technology.


It’s not a new concept to have a smaller wedding with fewer people invited, however with sustainability and costs changing in the world, we think there will be more chances for micro-weddings. A couple may choose to have a smaller ceremony, then celebrate at their home, or they may choose to just invite fewer people, perhaps 40 instead of a larger number. We don’t predict there will be less going on at weddings, however! We think that the joyous occasion will still be shared and celebrated with others with help from amazing planners, in the hope that this will remove some of the stress from the couple on their big day.


If you’re curious about how the trends for drinking are going to evolve in the coming decade, you need no longer guess! We’re predicting the craze around gin is going to continue into 2020, with more bar vans available to be hired and specialty drinks being created! Of course, there will always be a personal choice, but no one seems to be slowing down with gin!

Confetti Alternatives

The tradition of throwing confetti at the newly-wedded couple after the ceremony originates in Italy and started out with throwing rice or grain over the happy couple. After it moved over to British shores in the 1800s, rice had been substituted for small paper discs and it’s been evolving since then! Some people still throw rice, but while this is sustainable, it’s not very environmentally friendly. Birds can eat the rice and become ill as a result or choke on it, so we predict there will be a lot more variety in confetti alternatives. We think there’ll be more uses of things like reusable confetti (large enough to be picked up and taken back), possibly linked in with themes of a wedding. Or it could be ribbons flowing in the wind, and bubbles blowing about in celebration of their union. What would you choose?

As the new decade dawns upon us, we’re eager to see how trends form and evolve around weddings; what kind of themes will come up, what new ideas couples will come up with for their plans and what amazing weddings will we see in the new year? Time will only tell!

Happy New Year everybody!

See you next week.

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