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“Adding the right cake topper to your wedding cake is sure to improve your wedding décor.”

Everyone looks forward to the moment when a wedding couple cuts their cake. It is a special wedding tradition that will continue for a long time. Plus, we all love a good excuse for everyone to have some cake. The cake cutting is also an excellent opportunity for a fantastic wedding picture. You can go further to make this moment even more memorable at your wedding. One way to do this is by adding your personal style to your cake itself. This could be in the colours, design and cake toppers.

For this article, we’ll be discussing cake toppers. With the right cake topper, you can tastefully add some personalisation to your wedding cake. Here are ten fantastic cake toppers that are ideal for you. Take a look to see which you can incorporate into your wedding cake.

Love Sparklers Cake Topper

(Credit image — shorturl.at/psxJ8)

Have you always dreamed of having a classic wedding sparkler photo? Well, this cake topper is your opportunity! The sparkler send-off usually happens at night, but with this, you can still have that. You’ll love this idea even more if you’re having an outdoor evening reception.

Metallic Gold Love Wedding Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/964262970187117648/)

This cake topper is stunning and perfect for a modern-day couple. You’ll love the elegant calligraphy on display. Other variations to work with are silver, rose gold or even black. Go with the option that best complements your romantic wedding colour palette.

Multicultural Wedding Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://www.alliancebakery.com/wedding-cakes-gallery)

If you’re having a multicultural wedding, this is a fabulous idea. It’s a great way to personalise your wedding cake while keeping it unique. Show the different areas you’re from with symbols or by having a woodcraft map of each location joined together. It could be anything from different states to different countries. If international, you could also request a map of where you first met or where the proposal happened. A topper like this would represent the lovely journey you have undertaken to find each other.

Wooden Peg Doll Cake Topper

(Credit Image — https://www.etsy.com/hk-en/listing/252160797/wedding-cake-toppers-with-dog-peg-doll)

This wooden peg doll cake topper idea is perfect for a rustic, country or boho-chic themed wedding. They are handmade and can be crafted to represent you and your partner. The attention to detail that goes into creating, from the dress to the ties and suit, is phenomenal. We love when couples request that the outfits are an accurate representation of their wedding fashion.

Destination Wedding Cake Topper

(Credit image — shorturl.at/cqzR6)

Destination weddings are lovely. Your cake topper can celebrate your luxury getaway party too. Have a woodcraft map of your destination as your cake topper. It would be the perfect icing on the cake (Pun intended). You can also switch up and celebrate the place where you live by having that on your cake instead.

Mrs. & Mrs Acrylic Cake Topper

(Credit Image -shorturl.at/isRSY)

This cake topper idea is perfect if you’ve chosen a delicious buttercream wedding cake. The result would be an elegant finishing on your cake. The Mrs and Mrs Acrylic cake topper is ideal for a contemporary wedding reception.

Modern LED Wedding Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/860891285006348752/)

Have you been playing with the idea of having a neon sign at your wedding? Then you’ll love this cake topper idea. It is show-stopping, modern and glamorous. You could even take it home and use it as home décor after your wedding reception.

Mr. & Mrs Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32802215763.html)

This gorgeous wedding cake topper is made of natural wood and tree bark. It works perfectly for an outdoor reception or a farm wedding. If you’re having a winery wedding, this might be the cake topper for you too.

Love Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/5014115505)

This tiny double love topper is the perfect addition to your gorgeous white wedding cake. It gives a chic and architectural twist, personalising it. You can choose other colours for more variety, especially if you’re going for a happy party feel.

Multi-coloured Lollipop Cake Topper

(Credit image — https://chelsweets.com/rainbow-lollipop-drip-cake/)

Are you a couple planning an upbeat wedding with lots of fun? Then this is the idea for you. As a plus, your topper will fit whatever colour scheme you choose for your celebration. You can pair this cake topper idea with a naked cake for maximum contrast. You can also use it on a cake with minimalist décor for a stylish and delicious finish.

Final Words

Adding the right cake topper to your wedding cake is sure to improve your wedding décor. By extension, you’ll have a better atmosphere at your wedding reception too. So, which of these ideas will you be using for your celebration? Let us know, we’d love to hear them, but till then, see you next week!

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